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Do you want to race and run in a way you haven’t tried yet? Would you like to get a dose of adrenalin and spend time with your friends in the open air? Get out to CIRCLE.

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I want to know more


CIRCLE means quite a few things: it’s a round thing, a ring, a loop, plus it’s the shape of a wreath. For the winner of course :). So you’ll run round three different trail loops with a circle of friends. Also, individual editions of the race will circle around a different topic. You will find out the topic of the first one soon.


If you want to get the most out of a weekend, you can do it thanks to CIRCLE. You will experience the first edition of a brand new team race. You will get to do a lot of running and cheering on your friends, you will get up to some adventure with your pals in the middle of wilderness, you’ll discover you are an artist (maybe) and you will have loads of fun in the campsite.

I want to know more
I want to know more


You will get to try something you have never done before

You will run for the team and the team will run for you

There are three different loops

The landscape is fantastic


It’s mostly about running, but the weekend is bound to be super enjoyable, and that’s the whole point. So no boredom allowed at CIRCLE! Do you want to see a theatre play or listen to music? There you go. Actors and musicians are getting ready for your applause. Have you been kissed by a muse? Pat some clay, draw a picture or get a chisel and find yourself immersed in woodcarving! The theme of this year’s race will determine the whole programme of CIRCLE. We will soon let you know what it is.

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