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How do I register for the race?

Registration is always done by the team captain. The captain is an important contact person for us organisers.

If you feel to be the perfect team captain, you first need to set up your account at sportid.cz/groups and then you can sign up for the race. If you register through SportID, you first select CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill in the required info.

After signing in to the SportID/groups account, continue to Circle and complete the registration. You can choose from two options – set up the team only, pay the entry fee and add members later (by 7th August 2020 at the latest); or choose the second option where you can add teammates during registration. No need to worry, you can change the team members online until 7th August 2020.


  • Weekend running adventure with a bunch of friends
  • The event organisation of all 3 days – AROUND THE CLOCK. Dozens of organisers, medical care etc.
  • Accommodation for 8 persons in their own tents in the CIRCLE campsite from Friday to Sunday
    • Up to 100 sq m of space
    • Up to 4 small tents + party tent 3x3 m
  • Parking for the whole team
  • Use of sanitary facilities (toilets, showers) in Circle Village throughout the event
  • Other services – refreshment station in Circle Village and on the trail, stalls with refreshments
  • Full weekend of accompanying programme in the CIRCLE camp
    • A different topic of the accompanying programme every year
    • Gigs, theatre, workshops, lectures, other sport activities
  • Merchandising
    • Race t-shirt
      • An extra service will be ready in the SportID at some point during winter where you can add your team name on the t-shirt – there will be a fee for this service
    • Headband
  • Race number with chip technology
  • Results (including intermediate times of individual legs)
  • Text message with finish time
  • Team guide with important information
  • Medals for every team member
  • Team photo for every team member to remember the day
  • Presents from business partners of the race

Do I have to know the final team line-up during registration?

You don’t. The final team line-up needs to be submitted by 7th August 2020.

What do I do if I don’t have the full number of teammates?

If you don’t manage to find seven friends to make a full team, no problem. You can race in a smaller number, but you need to be at least four. You’ll just have to put up with double the kilometres.

If you are struggling to find other teammates, try using our facebook group, someone else might have the same problem.

When is the last date to change the line-up of the team and the running order?

The captain can change the line-up in SportID free of charge until 7th August 2020. It will be possible to change it on the spot on Friday 14th August, but there is a charge of 200 CZK.

Based on the running order the captain submits during registration, runners will be placed in individual legs. You will find out about placement in legs below.

After registration, how quickly do I have to pay the entry fee?

For your registration to be valid, you must pay the entry fee within 7 days of the submission of your application.

Is the entry fee refundable?

Entry fee is non-refundable.



Where does the race take place? Is there anything of interest?

The race takes place in the Liberec Region in the rolling hills of Ralsko. Circle Village will be located in a large field near the town of Osečná with a beautiful view of the Ještěd mountain. It’s about an hour and a half from Prague.

You and your mates can look forward to three mostly trail running courses. They start and end in Circle Village. You will run past great rocks, you will climb high spots to look around and savour the landscape and nature.

When do I have to arrive at the place?

The team captain must arrive on Friday afternoon/early evening at the latest to pick up the race kit for the team. However, due to the early Saturday start and the accompanying programme which starts on Friday, we recommend everyone to arrive on Friday.

How much do I have to run during the race and how long does the race take?

It depends on the number of your teammates. If your team is complete (8 runners), each of you will run 27(ish) kilometres divided into three legs. If there are fewer runners in your team, you will run extra legs for the missing members.

In what way will runners be placed in individual legs?

The captain announces the line-up and order of runners by 7th August 2020. The runners will be placed in the individual legs in line with the running order.

If the team has less than 8 runners, the other runners take up the legs for the missing ones. The rule is you can never run 2 legs in a row.

When does the race start and how does the start work?

The race starts on Saturday morning between 8 and 10 am, the exact time will be specified later on. All teams start the race at the same time to boost the racing atmosphere, the cheering and the competition!

How and where to pass the baton?

All passes take place in the exchange zone/tent. This will be located in the centre of the race. You will pass a racebelt with your race number.

When will you announce the final routes of loops?

The final routes will be announced before 30th June 2020. As is specified in the Learn More section, the distance of individual loops is between 6 and 12 km. In total it will be approx. 27 km.

Will there be refreshment stops on the course?

Do you really need a refreshment spot? Okay then, there will be one on the long loop. And there will be a perfect refreshment stop in the finish.



What about staying in the Circle campsite?

In the Circle campsite you and your teammates will get an area of 100 sq m from Friday (4 pm) to Sunday (6 pm). You can pitch up to 4 small tents there. If you want it really comfy, bring a party tent and/or camping furniture, a BBQ set, so that you have the perfect team base. The information where the space reserved for your team is located and how to mark your tents will be part of the race kit. There will be showers and toilets in the campsite.

You can’t bring a caravan or campervan to the Circle campsite. Look at the rules to find out what you can and can’t do.

How far is the Circle campsite from the race centre?

Don’t worry, it’s not far. You can get from your tent to the race centre in 5 minutes max.

What do I need to bring to Circle?

We have made a list of the essentials in the Proposition section, so have a look there.

What about food during the race?

You have two options. Either you take care of yourselves during the whole weekend, you can have a barbeque; or you can use the food stalls in Circle Village.

What is the accompanying programme like?

It’s rich…Starting with sports activities, social games to music performances. We will announce the programme step by step. Everything revolves around the theme of the race. If you have a suggestion, send it to us via email or as a message on Facebook.

Can you bring someone who will not take part in the race?

For sure. During the day anyone can come to Circle Village. If you want someone else to spend the camping weekend with you and they will not run, it’s also possible. As we prepare the race, we will put up an extra service on SportID where you will be able to book accommodation for someone to accompany you. The capacity of extra people in the Circle campsite will be limited though.